Check out some of our works


Clean and neat website used by Wondertip is one of examples of the web design you could choose to offer the same products and services. The right copy writing and selection of pictures can be the center points in your website like this one. Any menus for your visitors and customers are available within reach.


Voucher and discount, that is Wonderdeal all about. This website provides hotel and café voucher. If you have the same products and services, this can be one of the website design that you may use for developing your online business in tourism and culinary. In the future, Wonderdeal is going to provide additional product – nature tour package.


This is one of the market place designs we have been developing. GudangBabe is a market place for anyone who wants to sell and buy second hand items. It has a large variety of items, such as Kids and Baby, Electronic & Gadget, Jewelry, Fashion, Appliances and Furniture. Everyone can easily search the item he needs in search column which is easy to find. When you open the web, you will straight forwardly […]


Adventurous! Don’t you agree? Off-road pictures, updated events and all can be displayed in this community portal web design. If you have community and need a home for recording, displaying, informing and developing yur member, this is one of the designs that you may use for having fun and explore your hobby of adventurous trips and journeys.


Here is another website design for tourism products. Wonderfulisland is a tourism portal for everyone who wants to share event, news, pictures and video about tourism and travelling destination.  If your tour and travelling business provides similar products as well as offering video shooting services to your customers, this web design is suitable for the very first step to give elegant touch.


This one of the examples of web designs that we develop for e-commerce. Pusat Seminar Kit use this design for promoting merchandise for special events and moments, such as wedding, seminar, workshop, formal/informal gathering like birthday party and anniversary. The grids, the menus and the look is easy and comforting for everyone to search the item needed.

UD Sregep

Dealing with paper based documents recycling, UD Sregep chooses this web design to look more professional. Founded in 1994 with only 5 people, this company now serves in newest technology and improve their promotion way by having responsive website that give links to its social medias. Green and white, becomes good combination that gives fresh and clean nuance.


This is another web design for market place. The uniqueness  you find in this website is, this one uses MLM system that everyone knows can give us more profit when it’s done right. Everyone can sell his product here, and also join the system. The transaction is easy, the items are in large variety. Interested in this kind of business and website? Choose your template.


Sophicticated. Isn’t it? But still it is comfortable to look and read. The information spread is as clear as crystal. What KJPP services are available in some single pages, completed with enough space for giving information as well as description, so everyone knows exactly what they serve. It looks precisely professional! The management, the expert team and clients are displayed to show more of thier professionalism.